Research Areas




Connected Rehabilitation

We are seeking to transform long-term rehabilitation outcomes by facilitating more effective face-to-face or socially distanced rehabilitation interventions.

Our teams are focused on developing solutions that encourage complex functional movements while remaining lightweight, nonrestrictive, and desirable enough to be voluntarily picked up and used every day. Cloud-connected infrastructures ensure these solutions act as a consistent bridge between patients and clinicians.




Capability Enhancement

Systems that enhance capabilities help people overcome current physical limitations (e.g. due to injury or aging), so they can participate fully in society.

Enhancing capability also means reducing the burden of physical tasks so individual workers can be more effective while experiencing less fatigue and wear on their bodies.


Exo Woods
exercise bands


Health and Wellness

Enhancing training and preventing injury for elite athletes, weekend warriors, and an aging workforce.

Rooted in a thorough understanding of biomechanics and physiology, our teams are working towards tailored training software and physical devices to provide functional support.



Non-Invasive Biometrics

Sensors and algorithms that seek to measure the body’s response to stimuli, disease progression, training, and assistance.

Enabled by a cloud infrastructure that supports data collection from multiple custom devices in the field will provide robust physiological measurements in large populations and reveal a more granular view of diverse human needs.

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